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What is bowen therapy?

It is a gentle hands-on therapy working over muscles and soft tissue, which challenges the brains point of reference, offering pain relief and balance to the body. It enables the body to regulate itself, allowing symptoms to resolve: Bowen offers the body the opportunity to change. Bowen is unique in that it incorporates breaks which allow the brain time to process the information given to it by the practitioner.
Please note: Bowen Therapy & Equine Bowen Therapy are not a substitute for medical or veterinary intervention, advice or treatment. If in doubt please consult your Doctor or Veterinary Surgeon

If your horse suffers from any or some of the following, it could benefit from bowen therapy:
  • Stiffness on one rein
  • A sore or ‘cold’ back
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Uneven development of any of the bodily muscles
  • Un-levelness, irregular action, or a disunited gait
  • A change in behaviour
  • Uncharacteristic attitude or behaviour
  • A weakened immune system from illness or injury
Equine Bowen can:
  • Relieve tension and ease stiffness
  • Increase flexibility and suppleness
  • Relax soft tissue and fascia
  • Alleviate pain through endorphin release
  • Increase range, efficiency, length, and elevation of movement
  • Reduce the onset of muscular fatigue
  • Reduce incidence of tying up with regular treatment
  • Increase blood circulation, distributing oxygen and nutrients
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system; helping to remove toxins which reduces soft tissue swellings 
For the rider

If you have back pain, sciatica, stiff neck and shoulders or TMJ problems this treatment can also help you. This treatment works with the autonomic nervous system (ANS), where self-healing takes place. The ANS can switch from sympathetic to parasympathetic, enabling release of endorphins. This, in turn, can affect the nervous, immune and digestive systems, thus: • Relieve tension and eases stiffness • Increase flexibility and suppleness • Relax soft tissue and fascia • Alleviate pain through endorphin release • Increase range of movement • Reduces the onset of muscular fatigue • Increased blood circulation, distributing oxygen and nutrients • Stimulates the lymphatic system; helping to remove toxins which reduces soft tissue swellings

First Session

The FIRST session of Bowen can leave you with such an amazing feeling of well-being and relief that it can sometimes result in an emotional release.

Bowen is the UK’s fastest growing complementary therapy because of its remarkable record of success, having been proven time and again by successful treatments, it is quickly growing in popularity.


Maggie Hall

Equine & Human Bowen Therapist
Member of The Bowen Therapy Professional Association
Insured with Balens Insurance Company

I have been practising the Bowen Technique part-time since November 2016, having successfully completed my training with John Wilks, MA RCST, BTAA.

"Trust and Respect is Fundamental
Gained through professionalism and kindness"

  • Human & Equine First Aid trained
  • In possession of both Human and Equine First Aid Kits and an accident book
  • Insured with Balens Insurance
  • Current DBS Certificate
  • A member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association
  • Adheres to The Bowen Therapy Code of Conduct
  • Contagious diseases aware
  • Infectious diseases aware
  • Suitable clothing: boots, hat and gloves worn which are maintained
  • Cleanliness levels per Government guidelines
  • BHS Gold Member
  • BHS Stage I, II and Horse Owners Certificate
  • Presented in a professional and appropriate manner, adhering to Yard Rules
  • Non-Smoker
  • Maintains continuous professional development
  • Trained with Beth Darrell @ The European School of Equine Bowen Therapy
  • Trained with John Wilks @ Bowen Training UK

Like many practitioners, my interest in the therapy was sparked after receiving a treatment by my friend, Patrick Mohan (based in Burnham-on-Sea), which brought me immediate relief from pain.

I am a full member of The Bowen Therapy Professional AssociationHaving had successful case studies from my time as a student, I have continued to achieve great results from my time as a practitioner. Please see the reviews and testimonials section.

I work from my home in Marlborough with treatment rooms in both Newbury and Marlborough. I am also happy to do home visits, within a certain distance, as I have a travel couch.

Bowen Therapy


The Bowen Therapy is suitable for all ages and consists of light moves applied to very specific points on the body. The moves trigger a reaction in the body enabling it to start its’ own healing processes. The moves can be carried out through light casual or sports clothing and are as successful for those who are wheelchair users or unable to negotiate the couch! So, they can remain seated in a chair or lean against a wall. It is also best to be carried out in silence and there are pauses to allow the body to respond to what is being done; during these pauses in work the therapist will leave the room for a minute or two and this promotes complete relaxation.

Bowen Therapy aims to get you back to your best and indeed from the very first session you should leave feeling relaxed and energised. With Bowen, the immune system can be strengthened and rebalancing can begin from the first treatment.

This therapy gets to work straight away and can have a very positive effect on your feeling of well-being, helping you feel at your best and carry on living life to the full.

Some conditions that can respond favourably to Bowen work are

  • Back and Neck
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Sports Injuries

The treatment is named after Tom Bowen who devised it in Australia in the 1950’s. He treated 13,000 patients a year with a 80.9% success rate. First taught in the UK in 1953 with clinical studies showing it has impressive results on a variety of conditions.

For a more informative guide to the treatment, in depth, please see the recommended listed readings below, by John Wilks:

* Understanding The Bowen Technique, by John Wilks

* The Bowen Technique, The Inside Story, by John Wilks

* Using The Bowen Technique to address complex and common conditions, by John Wilks and Isobel Knight


  • Author image

    “felt great from the first treatment - much more awake and with more energy. I noticed a real change in my right shoulder. I had more movement range and when sat at my desk did not hunch as much. Also noted a much stronger feeling in my lower back (almost as if a bandage had been put on) I normally have back pain in the morning when I wake up this was not the case also if I jar my back it can go into a spasm later the same day and result in heavy medicine use to relieve the pain but this did not happen after the second treatment. Overall, I stood much straighter and had much more energy”.

  • Author image
    Anna about her horse:

    “After the first treatment he felt much more relaxed under saddle and collected behind and went into a really nice outline soft in the hand with very little pressure from me. Unfortunately he then had his fall between treatment 2 and 3 even with his lameness he seemed more relaxed and I think the treatment helped speed up his recovery as the swelling and strain on his tendons and ligament in his pelvis and sacroiliac joint was so deep the treatments helped reduce the inflammation. A week after the last treatment the vet came again and was pleased with his progress but as he was still slightly dragging his right hind toe we decided to medicate the SI joint. He is continuing his rehab and is due to start his trot work tomorrow”.

  • Author image

    “I could not believe I stood there pain-free after a 45 minute treatment, having been unable to walk in properly because of back pain. I said to Maggie at the time, it was a miracle!!..

  • Author image

    After seeing Maggie 3 times I had such an amazing feeling of wellbeing that, after consulting my doctor, I reduced my anti-depressant by half! Such a relaxing, yet uplifting therapy.

How i work with your horse:
  • I can only treat horses with veterinary permission, under the Veterinary Surgeons’ Act 1966 and, as such, I will require the details of your vet in order that I may write to them and request permission to work with the horses you have under their care.
  • If you or an assistant are aiding me by holding a horse during the therapy treatment, I must ask that, for health and safety, suitable shoes and clothing (long trousers, strong leather boots) are worn.
  • If your vet asks me about the progress a horse is making with the therapy, I must pass this information on to them.
  • I do not give a diagnosis, nor do I prescribe drugs or try to change existing drug regimes; this is the remit of a veterinary surgeon only.
  • I am bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 and must keep records of the treatment of any horse for 6 years.
  • To avoid cross contamination, I cannot treat horses in yards that harbour infections and/or diseases, thus please inform me of anything of this sort in a timely manner.
  • While EBT can act as a performance enhancer, please be aware that is does not compensate for ill-fitting tack, unbalanced hooves or unbalanced rider.
  • The following may put the horse in an injury / re-injury situation: Dental problems, lack of fitness and poor or inappropriate nutrition.
What i think about hooves

The hoof is a neurosensory organ. The development of the back of the hoof is essential to hoof function.

The horse owner realise the importance of horses’ hooves and we all know the age old saying ‘no hoof, no horse’. There are extremely important factors to bear in mind when carrying out health checks on the hoof; the hoof wall, sole, frog and digital cushion all need regular checks. The blood flow with Bowen is increased throughout the body which means that more blood reaches the hooves, taking with it vital nutrients and oxygen; it also takes away toxins. Toxins cause inflammation – inflammation is infection.

Articles referencing Bowen Therapy

Mentioned in both ‘Your Horse’ and ‘Horse & Rider’ magazines, Equine Bowen Therapy is rapidly becoming the riders’ choice as an effective therapy for all horses.


I would like to thank the following people of their help, guidance and support throughout my training and developing career:

John Wilks, Tutor
Beth Darrell, Tutor
Lavinia Mitchell, Saddle Specialist
Mark Johnson, Farrier
Nigel Dodman, Equine Veterinary Surgeon & Equine Bowen Therapist
Greatwood Charity for the use of their horses
Horseworld Trust for the use of their donkeys
Owners: you know who you are
Nicola at NKC Equestrian for her support and patience throughout my Equine First Aid course
Jane Hall for her support and encouragement through years of study
My family for their belief in me

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Entitled: ‘Top Treatment: Bowen Therapy’ 15th Nov 2011

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Entitled: ‘Relief for Chronic and Acute Pain, and Speeds Recovery from Injuries’ 1 Oct 2008

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Also, here is a link to John's website, where you will have free access to live streams, free recordings and more

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  • A relaxing therapy!
  • Assessment and completion of personal questionnaire
  • Explanation of treatment, including which area of the body to be worked on 40 / 45 minute treatment, carried out on a couch or seated in chair
  • Movements are carried out through light clothing
  • Please leave an extra 5-10 minutes or so to sit quietly afterwards and have a glass of water before leaving the therapy rooms to walk or drive.
  • If you have a long drive ahead of you after your treatment please consider stopping and having a walk every 30 minutes,

£45 per session (OAP £30)

Brain or Heart Stent:

Can not trat if:

  • Brain stimulation
  • Heart stent